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Modeling, simulation, high-end computing and data analysis, for information-based knowledge discovery.
Combining engineering methods with molecular biology, leading to synthesis of new functional materials, molecular machines, and therapeutics.
A multidisciplinary and holistic view of the living systems that moves beyond molecular link scales to understand biological complexity at multiple levels.
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The Computational and Life Sciences Strategic Initiative is part of the Emory University Strategic Plan and is a component of the theme "Exploring New Frontiers in Science and Technology".

CLS is led by Vaidy Sunderam, Director, who oversees all scientific and administrative aspects of the Initiative. The CLS executive committee consists of:

  • Lanny Liebeskind (Director of University Science Strategies)
  • David Lynn (Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry
  • Vaidy Sunderam (Director, CLS; Professor and Chair, Dept of Math & Computer Science)

CLS was envisioned and defined by an internal steering committee consisting of Emory faculty and administrators:

  • Lanny Liebeskind (Director of University Science Strategies)
  • David Stephens (Executive Associate Dean, School of Medicine)
  • Steve Warren (Chair, Department of Human Genetics)
  • David Lynn (Chair, Department of Chemistry)
  • Vaidy Sunderam (Chair, Dept of Math & Computer Science)
  • Tom Jenkins (Development and University Relations)
  • Rich Mendola (VP for Information Technology and CIO)
  • Michael Kutner (Chair, Department of Biostatistics)
  • Ken Brigham (Director, Predictive Health Institute)
  • Stuart Zola (Director, Yerkes)